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  • Rediscovering purpose.

    Core strength is often treated as a mechanical process but the core is also where people's core awareness of values, needs, worries, and fears show up; in and around the belly, pelvis and heart.


    Living with stress and anxieties can keep people in mode where their bodies as in 'survival mode' and this is not the place to be if you'd like to do your best work, explore your creativity, deepen your relationships or generally thrive.


    Emilie is a coach, dancer, yoga teacher, and trauma coach who works with people to develop super self-care strategies, deep playfulness practices and tools for confidence that come from the inside.


    As well as working with thousands of individuals over the years she's led workshops for businesses including HSBC, Microsoft, Nokia and the National Institute for Mental Health.


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    EMILIE JOY ROWELL • embodied core confidence coach

    yoga • franklin method • embodiment • facilitator • doula • hoop dancer

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    About Emilie


    I help women connect to their physical and emotional core strength to find balance and confidence in life.


    Core strength is often treated as a mechanical process but the core is also where stress, weakness, worries, and fears show up; in and around the belly, pelvis and heart. Emilie’s been working with women and birthing families for over 15 years, helping people access inner strength and faith in their body’s capabilities to have better birth and postnatal experiences. She’s also a hoop dance teacher and more and more often began to see parallels in people’s experience, whether they were birthing or playing. Areas of stuckness tended to link to trauma, feelings of freedom and ease arrived through movement. Meeting yourself with gentle confidence, and a curious playfulness could foster deep connection.


    Emilie’s a qualified Yoga Teacher, Doula, Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia Trainer, Embodiment Coach and Meditation Teacher. Additional training has included Birth Crisis, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Biomechanics for Birth, plus Biomechanics approaches to pelvic pain and movement in pregnancy and postpartum.

    Based in the South West of England, she teaches regular workshops locally and often travels to teach.


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  • My joys...

    are getting people moving together; for creativity, health and confidence.

    Yoga classes in Frome.


    Hula Hoop workshops in Somerset

    Hoop Dance

    Hoop Dance performer , fire performer and LED dancer in Somerset


    motherslove pregnancy, birth and postnatal


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    December 12th 2022 in FROME


  • "The best thing was having the time and space for someone to prompt me to think about how I could be making small changes that ultimately change the feeling of my day and how I feel moving through it."

    Meg, Virtual Assistant

    "I highly recommend Emilie's classes.

    With a warm and gentle approach, she teaches very intuitively to your needs. The practice was insightfully linked to everyday experience."

    Lucy, Frome

    “Emilie has a calming manner about her when she teaches, but still challenges the members to push themselves and have fun."





    - Sam Bernard, Studio Manager
    HSBC, Canary Wharf, London


    "Emilie's workshop helped me explore different elements of flow and styles of movement that I hadn't connected to before. A brilliant and thought-provoking class.”





    "I was somewhat mind-blown by how the smallest movements and changes to posture can impact the pelvic floor and how I could really feel the changes in my body as my muscles were working.
    Highly recommend."

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  • Yoga for... confidence • relationships • challenge • belief • connection

    These sessions aim to being life to your yoga and yoga more into your life. Using a mixture of traditional postures and other simple poses, you'll gain insight and tools to help you manage situations and relationships more easily.


    Workshops are social, interactive, practical and fun.

    Open to everyone - no yoga experience necessary.




    Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.

    - a workshops exploring boundaries in life.


    Where in life would you be showing up better by fully committing to your 'yes' or saying 'no' where you mean no?