• Emilie Joy Rowell

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    Emilie's a movement coach and facilitator with a background in Fine Art. Her specialisms are pelvic wellbeing and embodiment, and over the years she has taught thousands of women to reconnect with their bodies to find play, passion and flow. She’s a yoga teacher with over 17 years of practice experience, a doula (non-medical birth supporter), she's been working with embodied toolkit as a facilitator for the past 6 years and has now trained to use it as a coach, she's also a Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia trainer and pro hula hooper.


    She first encountered something like meditation when playing with biofeedback monitors age 9, she spent hours training herself to make the annoying digital squeaks fade into silence. She grew up swimming and playing in a brass band which she claims laid the foundations for her appreciation of breathwork as a normal part of life. Emilie was really shit at team sports and was made to play tennis on her own during PE classes at school (way to motivate a girl!). She grew up believing that she had no coordination and that she wasn't very good at physical stuff.

    Emilie is a mother, a body nerd, a music snob, a photographer, a deisgner, a maker and eater of cakes.
  • “Thanks for your time and lovely attention.

    I really enjoyed the whole class, especially because it had a bit of everything, it wasn’t only yoga and exercise. After the class,

    I felt very relaxed all evening.”


    Emilie is down-to-earth and friendly; she creates an inclusive and warm environment.


    "This is Yoga at its best. Simple, restful and ticks all the boxes. Every need is catered for here and the class encourages and facilitates all.


    Emilie is a brilliant instructor and teacher."

    Carol, Somerset


    Vicky Gritt, Bristol



    200 hour yoga teacher training

    Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia Training

    Embodied Meditation Teacher

    Movement Ecology in Pre/Postpartum

    Certificate of Embodied Coaching

    Embodied Yoga Principles

    Trauma Sensitive Yoga

    Pregnancy Yoga TT

    Postnatal Yoga TT

    Nurturing Birth Doula

    Relaxed Birth & Parenting Doula/Antenatal

    BA hons Fine Art in Context 



    Hooping Idol top 10 finalist in 20014

    Succesfully raised a child to over 6 foot

    Made Hula Hoops for BLOC PARTY

    Helped findraise to send a mobile cinema to Haiti

    Performed in front of over 1,000 people

    Curated shows at Watershed and Cube

    Video works shown in Japan and Norway



    Artist and creative thinker


  • S K I L L S

    Embodied Toolkit Fascilitator

    Embodiment Coach

    Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia Trainer

    Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor specialist


    Hoop Dance Performer

    Hatha Yoga Teacher

    Active Birth Teacher

    Antenatal Teacher

    Fire Performer

    Indian Head Massage


  • P R E S S

    Enquiries welcome