• Embodied Yoga Principles

    yoga for your whole life

    Embodied Yoga Principles - practical, pragmatic yoga for your whole life.

    Practical, pragmatic yoga for for your whole life - not just your hamstrings. If you're looking for a deep, fun, social and non-dogmatic approach to mind/body movement join us for a workshop soon.




    Build better relationships through self awareness and greater confidence.

    Saturday 19th May - 2-5pm in Frome

    Embodied Yoga Principles


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    Embodied Yoga Principles

    Regular workshops in Frome, Somerset.


    Embodied Yoga Principles is a way of practicing Yoga which creates deep personal insights, and makes yoga more transferable for pragmatic life benefits. These sessions aim to bring life to your yoga and yoga more into your life. Using a mixture of traditional postures and other simple poses, you'll gain insight and practical tools to help you manage situations and relationships more easily.


    Workshops are social, interactive, practical and fun.

    Open to everyone - no yoga experience necessary.